Chris M. Golde's IST commencement talk

Version FINAL, June 29, 2018 Thank you. I am very grateful to be here. I love graduations. I am soaking up the feelings in this room. This room is full of proud families and friends, satisfied faculty members, and joy-filled graduates. It is a delight to be here. Thank you...

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Pictures from the Alumni Reception at the IST BBQ

This year for the first time we invited the IST Alumni to join us at the annual IST BBQ. Starting out with a special reception with Tom Henzinger on the terrace of the cafeteria we were able to chat about career development but also about memories on their time at...

Alumni News, Events

Pictures of the Graduation Ceremony 2018

On Friday, June 29, the Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria) celebrated 18 new graduates of the Institute’s PhD program. This is the largest class yet, and brings the total number of PhD alumni to 50—a large number for a young institute. After years of dedication, learning, and independent...

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